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Web Design Package respects your privacy and we take care to keep it confidential. This privacy policy defines consent, collection, use, dissemination, retention and modification of data provided to Web Design Package.
1. Consent
By providing us your data, you give us the consent to use, process, disseminate and retain them as described below.
2. Collection
We may collect your personal/business details through electronic or non-electronic media, which may reveal your identity. This may include information collected through contact form/enquiry form, email, telephone, paper or any other communication system.
3. Usage
The data collected will be used primarily for administrative and business purposes. Your data will help us understand your requirements, find optimum solution and offer best services.
4. Dissemination
We shall never sell your data to any agencies or third parties for any economic gain or financial rewards. Limited information will be available in public register, if you have done the domain name registration and hosting service through us. We are into the business of website development and internet services and all the information uploaded in your website with your consent will be accessible to the public. We may share your details with our business partners or consultants to provide you with top service. Moreover we will be obligated to disclose your data if we are asked by law to do so.
5. Storage and retention
We may store and retain your data for legal formalities, collection of unpaid fees and fix issues if any.
6. Change of policy
The privacy policy may be modified as a result of changes in law or business practises. You are required to check this website for any update in our privacy policy.
7. Clarification
If you need any clarifications regarding this privacy policy, you are advised to contact us via